Eight of Swords

Prompt: Jake Talley (+ Bonus Azazel)

Artist’s notes:

This wasn’t what I was planning on doing as my next card, but I found an old piece of work that I started years ago which I thought would fit the prompt.

The background is made of old photos of concrete and textured paper, with two columns of khaki fabric either side to reflect Jake’s military past. The creepy head at the bottom is to represent the more demon-y (and less cuddly janitor) side of Azazel. His arms reach out to Jake with his fingers being blades (six of the eight swords in the card) burrowing into Jake’s mind to twist him to his own purposes.

The photo I used for Azazels face was one I took of an African ritual skull in Paris, but I had moved when I took the photo hence the blurring which makes it more creepy.

The three skulls in the middle all have yellow eyes made of sequins, and Jake also has one yellow eye to show Azazels influence and blood running through his veins.

There are four toy soldiers dotted around which are to represent Andy, Ava, Lily and Sam, the “fallen soldiers” of Azazel. As the Eight of Cups traditionally shows a blindfolded figure, I gave the toy soldiers yellow blindfolds made of cotton, though you can’t really see them that well.

The other two swords of the eight are either side. As I didn’t leave space at the edges to incorporate the border they are almost covered up but you can see them better here )

Eight of Swords – Jake Talley

  • Designed by: Maiafire