Wheel of Fortune

Artist’s notes:

It’s not exactly what I had planned but the gods and muses being what they are, I work with what I have :-)

The Wheel of Fortune is a card that comes midway in the Major Arcana. We are half way through our journey and symbolically we being shown that life turns; nothing stays the same. Change can bring good things as well as challenges but if we keep moving we can progress and renew.

The Rider Waite card depicts a wheel turning with Set the snake god or The Bringer of Death, traveling down the wheel while Anubis the Jackal the Guide to the Dead or Giver of New Life, rides up the other side reaching up to the apex where we find the sphinx or Horus as the god of Resurrection and the wheel keeps turning.

Surrounding the wheel we find four symbolic images that have links with Babylonian astrology; the four faces of the chariot of Ezekiel; the symbols of the evangelists; the guardians of heaven as well as the symbols of the basic elements and character. From top left they are Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

My version of the card is made up of symbolic images much as the Rider-Waite is. The four characters surrounding the Wheel are Bobby/Reason; John/Courage; EllenJo/Sacrifice and Castiel/Farsightedness. They are the traits that contribute to a character that can weather the turn of the wheel.

Sam follows the path of destruction/change while Dean is climbing the path of resurrection/new life. At my apex I place the symbolic angel turning the wheel.

I would have liked to make a place for a demon. Perhaps I could have added a double headed apex. Maybe next time :-D

The images are each cut from screencaps. The Dean image is actually a Jensen promo pic he did here in Sydney but I couldn’t find anything of Dean full length in proper light that would look ok on the wheel.

The Angel is cut from Giotto’s painting of Mary and Joseph fleeing into the desert.

The Wheel is a multi layer construction of screen caps from All Hell Breaks Loose 2 and a clock face. The caps are of the devils gate lock and the bullet being fired from the colt and the outer rim of the clock used as mask for the flames.

The background is a picture I took of a cloudy sunset.

Major Arcana: The Wheel of Fortune

  • Designed by: Noirbabalon