Hanged Man

Prompt: Dean Winchester

Artist’s notes:

I wanted to keep with the imagery of the card but give it a Supernatural twist. I drew quite heavily on the Norse mythology behind the card so I used some of the key images from the card it’s self, the tree of knowledge, Sam’s drawing of the tree outside their house, Enochion symbols in place of the ruins and of course the hanged man himself, Dean. I used Dean from the end of season 1 because for me this was when he started to ask question’s that nobody on earth could answer for him.

For me Tarot card’s represent the idea’s behind what you already know, they are a visual guide to something you are already a where of. They guide you threw sorting out the information you already have by channelling it threw imagery and your own intuition and physic ability’s.

Major Arcana, The Hanged Man

  • Designed by: Captainpixie