The Fool

Prompt: The Trickster

Artist’s notes:

I actually hadn’t even seen that the Trickster was a prompt for the Fool. I just thought he’d be awesome for it. I read up on the character a bit and found that The Fool was classically shown carrying a rod and a bundle and I wanted to keep some of that classical element for the card.

The background pattern is inspired by old-fashioned black and white Harlekin costumes. I decided that a little chaos was needed, so I deliberately left a contrast between size, looks and medium of the head and body. The body I drew with my mouse (I’m still astonished it worked so well). Between all that ‘thought’, I decided to leave it rather simplistic in the execution so the chaos wouldn’t swallow everything else :P

Major Arcana: THE FOOL

  • Designed by: Insane Songbird