Six of Swords

Prompt: Possessed!Sam + Meg

Artist’s notes:

When I claimed this, it was just Possessed!Sam. Then I was asked to add Meg… I agonized over HOW to do that (which was not as easy as I thought it would be) and after 4 tries, I came up with this.

I oriented on the classic tarot deck where this card is presented by a boat or a ferry man. In my version, Sam is the ferryman on the Styx taking Meg to hell (which I find funny because he DID send her to hell). That part of the picture is completely white and I only gave a swirl of the original picture back in an effect as if the patina had been brushed off at some spots showing the knife in Sam’s hand and their black eyes. That I combined with a merger between both their black-eyed faces, which hangs over them like a creepy moon and reminding of the Roman god Janus, the man with two faces – one good and one evil. Both of them were possessed by the same demon, so I find the irony in that quite funny…

Meg got 6 blades as eyelashes to represent the number of the card. (and I added the sword with the engraved VI on the top at mod request to make the suite more clear.


  • Designed by: Insane Songbird