Ace of Cups

Prompt: Sam, Jess and Brady

Artist’s notes:

I wanted this to be the moment that Sam meets Jess (after Brady introduces them) that then seals her fate. Drawing Season 1 Sam was HARD! Its only the second time I’ve drawn him and I had to think “Tall and twiglet-y” rather than “Sasquatch” LOL

I tried to incorporate little elements that hint to Jess’s eventual fate too. So, there are red balloons and flame coloured bunting to symbolise the fire on the ceiling, and Jess’s red belt mirrors where she will be wounded. Brady also has a lighter sitting in front of him. The sick twisted little person in me also put a bottle of BBQ sauce on the table (Tee hee hee). Oh, and theres also a creeper Hellhound shadow – he just wanted to be included.

The cup in the title is the silver cup on the table that presumably Brady talks to Azazel through just as Meg did.

Ace of Cups (alternate) – Sam, Jess and Brady

  • Designed by: Maiafire