Three of Wands

Prompt: Becky Rosen

Artist’s notes:

Normally this card is a guy with three wands, looking out to sea, waiting for his ships to come in, making it a card of expectation. The figure has invested his passion, and there’s the hint that dreams come true.

Clearly Becky needed to be at her computer, the way we saw her for the first time, writing her fan fiction. (That’s actually a screen-shot of her computer screen inside the laptop… I like the little details.) I figure this moment takes place after she’s met Chuck and learned that it’s all real– her dreams have begun to come true.

The hardest part was figuring out how to get any guns, let alone three, into a picture with Becky, who we’ve never seen hunt with one. It took me *forever*. But I eventually decided that as a fan-girl, she’d have Winchester rifle posters on her wall, and a replica of the Colt on her desk. Problem solved!

The poster behind her is not the one we saw in her bedroom, but it was the cleanest shot I could get of one Chuck’s covers. The Winchester BLVD sign is a replica of the one in her room. She has shelves in her room, but the stuff I put on hers (candles and a picture of the Winchesters) I just made up. She’s wearing the outfit we saw her in “The Real Ghostbusters,” so I put a picture of Chuck on her desk, too, because a) I like being self-referential, and b) I justified it that they were already together. :)

Three of Wands/Guns

  • Designed by: Eilonwy