Ace of Pentacles

Prompt: The Winchesters (Early Years)

Medium: Printed out screencap, a candle to burn the photo, and black ink-pens (one thin and strong and the other one thick but hardly working anymore :P ) plus some red acrylic color watered down…

Artist’s notes:

I read the card description and it said: “new luck, There is no desire to burn, or flow or fly; here is a physical need to be grounded, to do solid work, make, create and touch. Like a seed in the ground, there is a desire to sprout roots and just become. The pentacle is taken in hand, and, for now, the querent wants only to have it solidly in his pocket.”

And I was thinking of the Winchester family before YED stepped in. Baby Sam is the new luck in the family that settled down in Laurence, trying to sprout their roots there and be content with what they have. Of course I had to go and make the looming future visible with the red blankie Sam is wrapped up in oozing down the stark white picture and running over Mary’s stomach as a reminder of how things will end.


  • Designed by: Insane Songbird