Queen of Swords

Prompt: Meg

Artist’s notes:

The card’s a hard one to describe, basically you can say the Queen of Swords is someone who can mingle with everyone and knows next to everything, how she gets those information, the stuff she knows is not always honourable, more shady-like, readinging diaries, listening in to conversations, and happily spreading those informations, but she still means well. Though I’m not sure Meg means always well, she’s a bit of a cut-throat bitch, isn’t she? And I think that’s what makes her a perfect fit for the Queen of Swords, because deep down I’m sure that lady is too. Now as for the card, I choose the green, sparkly background because, well, hell, and Meg as the Queen of Swords would surely go for some bling-bling, with the Sword being part of her crown jewels. Also I wanted to make her eyes look a bit, not inhuman, but unnatural, I hope it worked ;)

I haven’t had time to set a post up at my journal so I just put in the photobucket link for the full version HERE

Queen of Swords

  • Designed by: Rainyrocket