The Empress

Prompt: Mary Winchester

Artist’s notes:

I hemmed and hawed about making this image. I had an idea in my head, but was having an issue translating that to the card. But eventually I just started experimenting, layering lenses and effects over and over and finally came up with something that looked close to how I imagined it.

The Empress is a creator of life and love and Mary Winchester is definitely a symbol of both.

The traditional card bears fields of wheat, a crown of stars and a heart shaped shield with the symbol for love. I altered these symbols by having the white fence with the roses instead of the wheat, roses being a symbol of love.

The picket fence is for her role as a mother. Instead of a crown of stars, I had the starry sky, indicating “the night.” Instead of the shield, I chose a burning heart also made of roses…symbolic of the fire and how she died for her children. Since fire is a destroyer of life, but also allows things to grow…I thought the reverse-coloured flames were appropriate.

The Empress – Mary Winchester

  • Designed by: Lily Cat