Two of Wands

Prompt: Sam Wesson

Medium: Collage, paper, rock salt, cord, tarot cards, pencils,

Artist’s notes:

I love the character of Sam Wesson. I love having Sam’s ginormous frame squeezed into that tiny cubicle. I love that he has a vampire bobblehead on his desk. I love his goofy yellow shirt! :-D

I used two screencaps as the base, over a collage of articles and pictures of supernatural lore (thank you official Supernatural Magazine for these!). The collage also features the Rider Waite version of this card, as well as the Rider Waite Devil card as a bit of foreshadowing. The card is split horizontally with a line of rock salt. I wanted to mirror the almost-prison bars that are formed out of the glass at the bottom left hand side, so I used the pencils (as office type props) to form bars through which the two guns snake through (its meant to show that hunting permeates every part of Sam’s life, even if its currently fabricated – not sure if it works or not). I also tried to echo the bars by intertwining another gun through Sam’s eye. I was worried about how it would work but pretty happy with it.

Lastly, there’s a heart monitor life line (is that what they’re called?) in the bottom right hand corner to represent both Sam’s demon blood, but also his real “passion” trying to come through (wow, that sounded cheesy!) Anyway, I hope you guys like it!

Two of Wands – Sam Wesson

  • Designed by: Maiafire