Knight of Swords

Prompt: Sam Winchester

Artist’s notes:

I was fed up to always draw Sam as the “cute little Sammy” from S1 and S2. Even if like a lot of people in the fandom I am sometimes nostalgic of the “good old days”, I must admit that this nostalgia completely fades away when I see Sam going dark side, killing demon without mercy and drinking their blood as if it was a strawberry milkshake. Sam full on demon blood is a complete turn on for me.

I knew I wanted to draw Evil!Sam for that card but the inspiration really came after the airing of Swan Song particularly after the scene where Sam has to kill demons to empty them of their blood. The “Sam&Dean” moments are good, but the big “gore-genre-horror-b-movies” moments are even better. ;)

SWORDS : The Knight Of Swords

  • Designed by: Petite Madame