Queen of Swords

Prompt: Wee!Lilith

Medium: Collage, paper, paint, ribbon, screencaps, pen, barbies, thread, dagger

Artist’s notes:

This was one of the first ideas for a card I had, but I needed to complete the Jake card as Eight of Swords first as the white hadled dagger appears in both pieces. The prompt mentions a woman who is almost like a walking encycopedia with a lot of knowledge. I wanted to show that Lilith is very very old but put a twist on it by showing her in a childs body.

The swords cards also relate to focus and mental abilities so I wanted it to reflect that through the idea that this sweet (creepy) child could kill you just by snapping her fingers. I also liked the idea of referencing all the human vessels (both adult and child) that Lilith uses and discards once used.

The background is a dolls face image tiled and then covered in very soft white Japanese paper with silver and gold flecks. Behind that (though you can’t see it in the card – check below image) the background is paper made of pressed yellow leaves (fallen leaves linking with fallen vessels in my mind).

The two dogs are meant to represent the hellhounds under her control and are from a design I found in a graphic novel years ago and also have tattooed on my lower back.

The Barbies at the bottom are to represent her discarded vessels, mainly consisting of blond adults, but theres a blond child in there too. Woven between the Barbie’s limbs are drid and pressed leaves. The dagger is the same one I used for the Jake card. The whole thing is on a square canvas and now sits above my bath!

Queen of Swords: Wee!Lilith

  • Designed by: Maiafire