Ace of Cups

Prompt: Young!John

Medium: Pastel chalks and charcoal on a pencil drawing base.

Artist’s notes:

For variety’s sake, I decided to do a drawing with pastel chalks… My PC is still lying under a thin layer of chalk dust. :(

The color pattern was chosen to fit the colors of the suit and I decided I wanted a female hand on his shoulder to fit the description of the card of a man who was just about to fall in love… Mary already has him in her hand, so to speak.

The cup was included for the suit (even though young!John being a vessel would actually suffice, I think) and I filled it with fire (purple for the color pattern) to show where his love will end once he took his first sip from the chalice of his destiny (or something equally as deep and meaningful :P).


  • Designed by: Insane Songbird