Five of Pentacles

Prompt: Gordon Walker

Artist’s notes:

Created, with gratitude, for counteragent for Sweet Charity.

So I have a fondness for Gordon, and for Sterling K. Brown. Gordon did some bad things, but he also wasn’t completely wrong about other things, and in another kind of story he would’ve been the hero. I wanted his card to reflect both his boldness and the hardships he had in his life–his sister’s murder, the hunting life, prison, and ultimately becoming a vampire himself. I didn’t want to get more graphic than this with the barbed wire imagery, considering how Sam killed him, but I thought it was the best way to capture both prison and escape in one image for him.

In deference to the stained glass imagery, I wanted to stick to bright colors and geometric shapes, but update it a little with a poster-y style and that certain Gordon Walker je ne sais quoi. The end result is a little different from what I normally try, and I really appreciate counteragent’s patience and enthusiasm in helping me talk through it and let me experiment and play around on her Sweet Charity art.

Sources: for Gordon and the knife
Gordon’s sister (the lovely Denyce Lawton)
Barbed fence

Five of Pentacles

  • Designed by: Tripoli8