Eight of Cups

Prompt: Sam at Stanford

Artist’s notes:

Created, with gratitude, for counteragent for Sweet Charity.

I started out wanting to do a Stanford graphic that had nothing to do with either Sam and John’s fight or Jessica’s murder.

The lunar chart is there in deference to the moon imagery of the card, and because it could either have a totally legitimate academic purpose, or be helping Sam keep an eye out for werewolves.

The Stanford postcard is just a little thing I threw in because I liked the dual meanings that the rest of the card had; you think of postcards as a cutesy thing to keep in touch with home when you’re on a trip, but this is just a blank piece of cardstock hanging on Sam’s wall.

Finally, there’s Dean’s necklace tangled around Sam’s arm like a root or a vein. You can look at this as Sam the wallflower hanging on for dear life to a comforting reminder of home, or Sam the kid who wants to be normal but is inescapably bound by a life spent with his family. For my money, I think there’s a little bit of truth to both.

for Sam.
Lunar chart
Stanford postcard

Eight of Cups

  • Designed by: Tripoli8