Seven of Pentacles

Prompt: Scarecrow

Card description:

A farmer watches pentacles grow on a tree. Sometimes, there is no way to take control of a situation. The farmer waits for the fruit on his tree to ripen so he may harvest and sell it; he has very little control over when this will happen. All he can do is be patient. So, too, with waiting for a job offer or raise, waiting for work to pay off, or a new diet, waiting for lottery numbers to be read. Sometimes you have to realize that you’ve done all you can do. It is out of your hands now. All you can do is wait.

Ultimately, the sevens share that message, the farmer’s message: hold out, be patient, don’t rush, go around. Be in control of yourself and you can be in control of this situation.

Artist’s notes:

When I read the card description, the first thing that came to mind was this feeling of waiting. And who waits around more than a scarecrow, right? They do nothing but hang around all day. The fact that he’s in the middle of an orchard literally watching the crops grow just added to the feeling that this was a perfect fit.

In 1.11, the town of Burkitsville relies on a pagan god (embodied in the form of a scarecrow) for their good harvest. He in turn, waits for them to lure human sacrifices.


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