Page of Wands

Prompt: Jo Harvelle

Artist’s notes:

To answer the first question: Why is there a horse on the card? :P Well, I read the description of the card and it said that this was the messenger card. I had to think of the good old western times (because everything around the Roadhouse just screams Western to me) and of the couriers on horseback.

In my head this is a post-apocalyptic world where technology has been shot to hell by bad mojo and people rely on the ways they brought news around the country for hundreds of years before. Of course this would be just what Jo would be doing. The card’s meaning also that of a restless young person, always on the move and trying to find their purpose. Jo fits perfectly.

I went a little collage-esk and a little comic on this one… the black and white with some red reminds me a bit of Sin City… a bit.


  • Designed by: Insane Songbird