King of Wands

Prompt: Future!Castiel

Artist’s notes:

The King of Wands represents confidence, so I tried to make him look perfectly calm, even with croats cornering him. He’s just shot the one on the left (the figure on the right could be a friend or a foe, I’ve no idea. It had to be a croat, originally, but now I’m not sure. The card represents a leader, as well, so he might just have acted as bait to lure the croats in a cul de sac, trapping them and leaving the rest of the dirty work to his companions. *shrugs* °^° )

Being future Cas, though, I had to make him look at least a little bit sad, hence the shadow of skeletal wings and chains. The not-so-subtle metaphor is that Cas is bound to Earth, and his angelic nature is fading, of course, plus I needed the chains to keep the wings in place (in stead of tendons and muscles) and to occupy the place usually reserved to feathers (he really would have looked silly without those chains, with his giant chicken wings. There, I ruined another serious comment. XDDDD)


  • Designed by: Nimloth87