The Empress

Prompt: Constance Walsh (ghost)

Artist’s notes:

There are some evident differences between my card and Constance’s actual death. I’ve made it somewhat symbolic as opposed to an exact replica. I’ve taken alot of my ideas from the wiki description.

Her physique exaggerates her sexuality/physical attraction/sensuality. There are a few factors that represent the opposite. Her deathly appearance the polar opposite of health. Her constriction opposite of comfort/delight/satisfaction. As you can see, her children are slightly different. They are now only hands on umbilical cord like appendages. A parallel to maternal instinct. The bottom hands (or youngest) claw at her womanhood. That is the ‘fertility’ aspect as they punishing the womb that created them.

The normal Empress holds a scepter which represents power over life, she instead holds the arms of her child at bay, the power balance shifted. The rising water is the drownings, how a life giver can take it away.

I’ll explain the roses now. The Empress wears a crown of twelve stars; representing dominance over the year. I’ve connected the story of Demeter. The twelve ‘stars’ represent her rage. The two unopened buds are the souls of her children, the rest are the mens lives she took. Her control over living things, to take life away.
Barren are the branches that connect them all to her.

Power. Abundance. Health. Motherhood.

The Empress

  • Designed by: Unatral Kreatur