The Fool

Prompt: Future Dean

Artist’ notes:

In most decks, The Fool is depicted as a vagabond, constantly on the move with no possessions but he bag slung across his shoulder. He usually stands on a hill of some kind, indicating large decisions that need to be made. He is often trailed by a dog which represents the real world trying to drag him down. (In this card, Dean’s dogs are invisible. :)

One interpretation of the card is called The Fool’s Journey, and it so resembles and opposes the Heroes Journey that I felt like Future Dean was the perfect choice for this card. He has the advantage of hindsight, and also the ability to affect his past and change his future. I decided to portray him against an Apocalyptic wasteland, because that is where his journey ultimately led.

The Fool (Alternate )

  • Designed by: Tahirire