Six of Cups

Prompt: Cassie Robinson

Artist’s notes:

So, this is my first card, and since I’m a lazy gal I’m gonna copy what I already wrote in my journal ;) …This picture popped into my mind after reading the description of the card, a moment in the past so perfect and balanced it can probably only exist in our memory, frozen, no before, no after, no consequenses, just that, moment, the way I see it (at least in this picture) is that Cassie is looking at or thinking of a moment long gone, maybe it’s here relationship with Dean, maybe not, and I think in a way it’s a bittersweet moment, the sweet side I tried to underline with the colours, the butterflies, flower etc, but eventually that moment ends, turns into, well, I like to think of it as a spring turning to autumn-moment and eventually excaping its boundings (the original card, two children among six flowering cups, a boy and a girl touching a cup with a flower in it, someone at spn_tarot wrote that maybe it takes place in spring, and that kinda stuck with me).

I tried to make the visible side of Cassie’s face look sad, in a longing way if that makes sense. The bitter side, the dark side of her face, maybe it’s the unknown future, the loss about to come, or the loss that already took place, or maybe the “dark” side of her face can seen as part of the frozen moment, glorified by the future. I don’t know, the interpretation is really up to viewer, and I think everyone sees different stuff in different six, those are just my two cents, well, actually my six cups ;) …

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Six of Cups — Cassie Robinson

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