Four of Wands

Prompt: Demian and Barnes, Supernatural Convention

Artist’s notes:

My computer just ate the meaning of the card, that’s no joke, so, let’s see if I can explain it without help: The card is about building a foundation, about taking a moment to smell the roses, admiring the built foundation, looking ahead to a (maybe) bright future … now the fan!Sam&Dean’s aka Demian and Barnes’ foundation is the real live of Sam&Dean, though they are both oblivious to the reality of it, even when confronted with it, Sam&Dean’s lives are full of blood and tragedy, for Demian and Barnes it’s a wild, romantic, victorian novel, I’m sure when they think of Sam&Dean they picture them standing in an open, foggy field with flying flannel shirts exposing their muscled chests … Demian and Barnes live in a safe bubble, sort of, not realizing the dangers around them, and that’s good for them, it allows them a to have a bright future to look forward to …

Some technical (or is it artistical?) bits … Demian and Barnes, and the fake! hook man are done digitally, for the half-heart around D&B and the riffle I used shapes (yeah, lazy me stroke once again), the twigs in the background are black fineliner on paper and for the rest I used different photographs …
big version: HERE

The Four of Wands

  • Designed by: Rainyrocket