The Magician

Prompt: John Winchester

Artist’s notes:

The Magician was an easy card for me to envision. The Magician is the power of creation by willpower and desire. In the episode “In My time of Dying” John uses his desire to see Dean live and his will to summon the Yellow Eyed Demon to make a deal to save his son’s life. The Magician also represents a smooth talker, a salesman, and what other kind of person could make the deal John made? Some definitions of the card also refer to the Magician as a clever person with slight of hand, a snake oil salesman. John has lived the life as a con man since Mary died, he’s had to in order to get the job done and support his sons.

The Magician uses the 4 elements of the tarot to direct his power, and he is typically depicted with images from those elements. The episode I took these images from had all of these elements. The colt is the wand for this deck, the ritual bowl the cup, the knife of course the sword. I realize the symbol for Azazel is not exactly a pentacle, but I preferred to use that rather than a pentacle from another image for continuity’s sake. The image of John shows his face resolved, ready to work his will on the Yellow Eyed Demon.

The Magician

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