The Emperor

Prompt: Azazel

Artist’s notes:

I’ve done several cards for this deck, and I’d have to say that the Emperor card has been the most difficult. I would have preferred to do the card with John in this role, but as someone had already taken that prompt, I agreed to look at Azazel as the Emperor.

In the Major Arcana, the Emperor is filled with enthusiasm, energy and aggression. He is direct and irresistible. He can be a tyrant, impatient, demanding, and controlling. He can be the leader everyone wants to follow, ruling with a solid foundation, intelligence and enthusiasm, but he can also be trapped by his throne, restless and bored.

As I can’t really draw, I was limited to images from the show, and it was difficult to find Azazel seated in the typical Emperor fashion. I ended up using a picture of a seated Samuel Campbell before he had been possessed and colored the eyes. I used the image of John possessed by Azazel, first of all because I loved that scene, but mostly because I felt it represented clearly the tyrant aspect of the card, demanding and controlling, aggression and intelligence.

Frederic Lehne is probably the most popular incarnation of Azazel, so I made his image prominent as well. His face is steadfast, resolute, the demanding leader who will go to any lengths to win. The last image of Azazel that IĀ used was that of him standing over Sam’s crib, a pivotal scene in the show, and an image that shows him building the foundation of his ‘special’ children.

I tinted the card for 2 reasons, both artistic. The various images didn’t quite match up as far as saturation and coloring, and making most of the card a monotone color really let the yellow eyes stand out.

The Emperor

  • Designed by: Slaysvamps