Two of Pentacles

Prompt: Ash

Artist’s notes:

My third and final Yarn!chester tarot card, Ash as the Two of Pentacles.

So, uh, I kind of went overboard on this card, so I hope you like it!!

Explanation: I knew I wanted to put Ash in the Roadhouse, since that’s where we always saw him (up to and including when in Heaven!), but this had the added benefit of enabling me to work the pentacles, and other card symbolism in with a fair amount of ease. Obviously this isn’t an accurate representation of the roadhouse, but rather an amalgamation and idea of it. The painting behind the bar is of a ship, to be reminiscent of the (unidentifiable) painting on the real Roadhouse set, but also to represent the ship in the background of the traditional Two of Pentacles– representing travel, journies and the subconscoius (And of course, given “Dark Side of the Moon,” the whole set represents both journies and the subconscious, right?) I chose the Figure Eight Brewing Company poster– from a real company– because not only is its slogan is about fate and because it incorporates the figure eight/infinity symbol/lemniscate, which the Two of Pentacles usually incorporates as well, symbolizing consequences of thoughts and actions. And of course the pentacles on the back wall are, well, pentacles. :) All the other details in the card– while I’d love to talk about them– were chosen simply because I wanted to make it as ‘roadhouse’ as possible.

(I really wanted to make a pool table, but couldn’t fit it into the set. I had a table and chairs, too. And an owl and lamps. But the set’s really small and already crowded!)

Materials: Ash is, of course, crocheted from yarn. His necklace is just a spacer bead and some chain. The bar is made of balsa wood (and paint and hot glue), the stools of balsa wood, stuffing and vinyl that I had on hand. The jukebox, bottles, dart-board and bar-pulls were store bought, as was the cash register, although I painted that the right color. Ash’s door (behind him, hard to see) is balsa wood. The shelves were store-bought dollhouse shelves that I took apart and put back together in a more yarn!chester sized fashion. The phone and beer can (and wires on Ash’s computer) are sculpey. The poster and painting were printed. The walls are stiff paper, including the slats on the left-hand one. (The walls were actually just glued atop the walls from Becky’s Three of Wands, which were, in turn, glued atop Chuck’s Hermit…)

Minor Arcana: Two of Pentacles

  • Designed by: Eilonwy